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Trishanya Raju

Trishanya Raju is a 25-year-old hermit who was granted incredible powers of weirdness by the elders of her home planet, yet cannot tolerate spicy food, fruits, or fizzy drinks. Trishanya believes in aliens and magic and Nessie. She’s antisocial, names her electronic devices, and sometimes “accidentally” talks to herself.

Trishanya wrote her first book in the 3rd grade. She told her teachers about it, and they made her read it out loud in front of her entire primary school. She was so traumatized that she never showed her writing to anyone else until the 11th grade.

She is a self-declared geek and loves all things science fiction and animated. Trishanya hopes to buy a private island some day and retire with her dogs and lab-grown dinosaurs, away from the company of humans.

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Mayank Mathur
Marketing and Recruiting Boss

Mayank Mathur is the kind of person who finds it difficult to do these introductions, but will probably talk to you for hours on end if you ever meet him in person. His hobbies include eating pizza, staying up too late at night only to complain about lack of sleep the next day, laughing at his own jokes, and day dreaming. He professes to wield unparalleled knowledge of TV shows FRIENDS and Game of Thrones, and harbors a deep and profound affection for Michael Scott from The Office.

Mayank discovered his passion for creative writing when he scored the highest marks in creative writing assessment in the 5th grade. That modest honor led him to identify writing as one of his strongest suits, and after years of procrastinating, he decided to join The Wandering Raven in order to devote more time to creative writing.

Although technically a ‘third culture kid’ having lived in India, Dubai, and the United States, Mayank identifies strongest with his Indian culture, and proof of that can be seen in his love for butter chicken, Maggi, and mid-90’s/early 2000’s Bollywood music.