About Us


The What

The Wandering Raven is a space for anyone who loves to read, wants to write, and is interested in engaging with literature as active participants of the artistic community. Through courses that cover a variety of literary topics such as fiction, poetry, and screenwriting, students will learn, share, and discuss ideas as a community of passionate and generous writers, who help one another to be honest and courageous with their emotions and insights,

The Why

Our mission is simple — To infuse, within our writers, a passion for creative writing and to provide them with the resources to find and channel their creative voices in order to better express themselves. Through our courses, we hope to turn your interest in creative writing into a passion, and to help you find your voice as a writer.,


The Who

The Wandering Raven was founded by talented and motivated young professionals who are as passionate about creative writing as they are about learning and sharing their ideas with a community of writers. We place a high emphasis on education and are eager to learn.

Please feel free to browse through our website and check out Courses for topics or themes that stimulate you, get your creative juices flowing, or merely tickle your fancy. If you have any questions about course material, signing up, fees, or what our favorite pizza toppings are, visit our Contact Us page to get in touch.