Code of Conduct

FOR PARENTS: At The Wandering Raven, we believe that writing is a journey that is not without its risks. As we write, we start to understand what we feel comfortable about writing, and what suits our characters and story. We provide a safe space for individuals of all ages to comfortably explore different facets of their writing. We do not censor course readings or students submissions based on profanities, curse words, vulgarisms or obscenities. We believe that in the exploration of creative expression, all individuals are entitled to use whatever language they feel best represents the emotions they are attempting to convey. 

1.    Reading Materials curated by The Wandering Raven may contain "bad words" and "inappropriate" themes. Please remember: a writer, no matter the age, must develop an innate understanding about the workings of the world. Often, as writers grow, they see how things connect, and observe things that are not necessarily always age-appropriate. 

Our job at The Wandering Raven is to encourage our writers to confront the real world, as ugly and beautiful as it is in its entirety. We do not believe that censorship is the way to conscious individuals.

2.    Participants are allowed to use whatever language they feel is appropriate for their writing. They may also focus on themes that are considered "improper."  

FOR PARTICIPANTS: As a member of The Wandering Raven's community, you are a part of a positive and encouraging family. Please follow the Community Guidelines for forum posts. We reserve the right to remove any inappropriate content (such as bullying, harassment, or unnecessary use of explicit language).

BULLYING and HARASSMENT: The Wandering Raven stands absolutely firm in its stance against bullying amongst members of its community. The Forums will be constantly moderated, and any instances or reports of bullying or harassment will find the offending party immediately banned from the website for life after a thorough investigation of the issue. The offending party will not be allowed to complete the remainder of their   courses, and will not receive any sort of refund. Under no circumstances will an appeal be entertained, and any attempts to re-join the community using false credentials will lead to legal action against the offending party