Frequently Asked Questions

I’m extremely interested in purchasing courses from The Wandering Raven, but I’m unsure of what my skill level is. What course level should I choose?
How much does each course cost?
Why are the courses ranked in the order that they are?
Can I apply for more than one open position?
Although I’m extremely interested in being a part of The Wandering Raven, I can’t find an open position that I feel I’m best suited for. What should I do?
Is there any limit to the number of samples I can send over with my resume and cover letter?
How long does it usually take for the recruiting team to reach out once an application has been sent in?
I submitted my application for an open position but haven’t heard back from anyone yet. Has my application gotten swallowed by your inbox?
First of all, we’re excited to hear that you’re on the verge of exploring your interest in creative writing with our help! Our first piece of advice would be to visit all the pages for the various courses and take a look at the topics we cover in each of the modules. This should give you an idea of what each course entails and what you feel you’re best suited towards. We would also suggest trying out our Crash Course to get an introduction to some of the basic topics in creative writing. Your experiences with our diverse range of topics will help educate you in your skill level and help you make an informed choice regarding our courses.