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The Wandering Raven provides members of our community with a comprehensive study of some of the most important nuts and bolts of writing, as well as introductions to a broad range of creative writing elements, through our six courses.


The Crash Course is a half-length course that provides an overview of the basics of creative writing. We suggest taking our Crash Course if you aren’t ready to commit to a full course, and what to see how each of our courses work. Besides having fewer modules than our full-length courses, the Crash Course is identical in quality of content and assignments.




  • 18 modules
  • Quizzes, Assignments and Readings Included.
  • Learn the basics of Creative Writing from your own home.
  • Information packed videos, starting from basics to advanced concepts.
  • Best suitable for beginners to advanced level users who learn faster when demonstrated.
  • Making Sure Your Stories are Full of Character
  • Persona-lly, I Love Poetry
  • Painting a Portrait: Describing Your Character’s Physical Appearance
  • People Skills — Building Character Relationships
  • The (almost) A-Zs of Poetic Forms
  • Finding the Writer’s Voice
  • Figuratively Speaking
  • What Does a Perfect Plot Look Like?
  • What’s the Scene?
  • Keeping Your Distance
  • Keeping Your Readers in the Dark
  • The Reader-Writer Relationship
  • Ye’r a Writer, Larry
  • Building a Wall Brick-By-Brick: How to Develop Your Story
  • Who’s in the Driver’s Seat?: Plot vs. Character
  • Setting
  • Show, Don’t Tell!
  • How People Talk
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