Seeker - Course 2

INR 9500
9-10 Months

With 29 modules, Level 2 transforms hobbyists into aspiring writers. This course has participants encountering new elements such as Tone and Setting, including how to create the setting for an External World! Join Level 2 and literarily chance upon brand new worlds that expand the horizons of what you thought was possible through your writing.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently only running Scout, our Crash Course, online. We hope to resume our in-person classes as soon as possible, but until then we'd love to invite you to check out Scout and enroll. 

Sruthi Raju

This course was very good. I actually didn't think they would be able to sit through 3 weeks of classes. But they did! And they also learned a lot. I saw my younger one get the confidence to write her own story and think she was capable of it too. I feel it has helped both my girls build confidence in writing. I would especially like to mention their teacher. She was absolutely amazing. Her patience, the numerous times she repeated the information to make sure each and every child understood, the way she helped each child participate and encouraged their responses and made it easy for them to open up and share their creativity was really commendable. I can understand that it must have been difficult to handle this sort of a varied age group and it being an online class, and I really appreciate her effort with the kids. The world needs more teachers like her. I feel my kids are lucky to have her as a teacher.

Srishti Mahitha

This program has encouraged me to do the best of my work. The teacher gave several opportunities to clear my doubts. All the topics are interesting and important to bring the best out of my writing.


Module All Of Humanity
Module The Enneagram
Module The Observer and Your Character's Background
Module Creating Your Cast of Characters and their Dialogue
Module Treating Your Fictional Characters Like Real People
Module The Protagonist
Module Poems Have Plots Too, You Know
Module Back To The Present: Contemporary Forms Of Poetry
Module Asking The Important Questions: Philosophical Poetry
Module From Plot To Theme
Module Channeling Your Inner Drama Queen
Module Peeling The Onion
Module Reader-Writer Relationship
Module Knowing And Owning Your Writing Style
Module Crafting Good Questions - What Can I Write About?
Module Research Strategies - How Can I Discover What I Need To Know?
Module Building A Wall Brick By Brick: How To Develop Your Story
Module Finding, Sorting, And Focusing Your Ideas
Module Description
Module Getting the point across: Setting and Voice
Module How People Talk
Module First Person POV
Module Omniscient POV
Module B2B: Perfecting Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, and Sentences.
Module B2B: Perfecting Parts of Speech
Module Grammar: Punctuation!
Module Grammar: Trouble Spots And Tricky Devils
Module Creating an Outside World for Your Particular Characters
Module Don't Take That Tone With Me!

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