Scholar - Course 3

INR 9500
9-10 Months

Take Level 3, and you’re officially a resident of the world of Creative Writing. Now an intermediate writer, you’ll study the nitty gritty of territories like Poetry and Writing Styles. Best part? We make our first incursion into the realms of Screenwriting and the Novel!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently only running Scout, our Crash Course, online. We hope to resume our in-person classes as soon as possible, but until then we'd love to invite you to check out Scout and enroll. 

Sirisha M.

My daughter's confidence about her writing has improved with this program. The teacher has encouraged her well, discussed on her strengths and areas to work on and taught to work towards the goal. My daughter misses the interaction and fun she had in learning.

Srishti Mahitha

This program has encouraged me to do the best of my work. The teacher gave several opportunities to clear my doubts. All the topics are interesting and important to bring the best out of my writing.


Module Archetypes
Module People Skills: Building Character Relationships
Module Building A Strong Supporting Cast For Your Protagonist
Module The Reformer and Your Character's Driving Motivation
Module The Skeptic and Your Character's Belief System
Module Outlining Your Hero's Journey
Module Perspective
Module Can You Feel The Tension?
Module Imitation and Themes
Module Syllabic Verse And Free Verse
Module Lyrical Poetry
Module Letting Your Inner Romantic Flourish
Module Exciting Incidents
Module Keeping your Distance
Module Becoming One With The Elements
Module Descriptive Action
Module Story and Plot in Fantasy
Module Avoiding Reader Confusion
Module Ye’r a Writer, Larry
Module Nurturing The Muse
Module Literary Terms And Analysis
Module Walking In Literary Integrity
Module Empowering Your Writing With Archetypes
Module Who's in the driver's seat?: Plot versus Character
Module The Romantic Story
Module The Surrealistic Story
Module Introduction To Science Fiction And Fantasy
Module What Is Screenwriting?
Module What Is A Screenplay?
Module Individuality
Module Narrative Arc - What Makes A Good Story
Module First Person Peripheral/Unreliable POV
Module Dialogue With Action
Module Novel: Getting a handle on it
Module Novel: POV Strategy
Module B2B: Perfecting Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, and Sentences.
Module B2B: Perfecting Parts of Speech
Module Grammar: Punctuation!
Module Grammar: Trouble Spots And Tricky Devils

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The Forgetful Blackboard


Hi there! I am a blackboard in 5B in a school that is a very nice school, CHIREC. I am nailed up behind the teacher’s desk. Now, what should I tell you? Ok, forgive me. I am a very forgetful board. But how can I help it? She keeps rubbing off my memory everyday. I am a very forgetful board. But how can I help it? She keeps rubbing off my memory everyday......

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