Craftmaster - Course 5

INR 9500
9-10 Months

Ready for Level 5? You’re basically the Village Elder at this point. You’ve lived and breathed the air in this world for so long, writing comes as easy as breathing to you. You’re ready to go off and share what you’ve learned. This course will help you with World Building, and writing Memoirs. You’ve mastered how to use your voice as a writer, now share what you’ve learned with the world. Go forth, and write! (Well, take this course first, then go). 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently only running Scout, our Crash Course, online. We hope to resume our in-person classes as soon as possible, but until then we'd love to invite you to check out Scout and enroll. 

Manya Tharamal

I attended the workshop because my Mom persuaded me to give it a shot. I thought it would be boring but I was wrong. I never used to like poems or even writing them. This workshop taught me how to express my feelings on paper.

Thej Mallu

This is a class I looked forward to every week. In this class I learned to improve my pieces so they, like me, can become masterpieces. I learnt about the different types of poetry and was involved in lively conversations. I will make sure to e-mail my book to you when I become a super famous author.


Module The Hero
Module The Anti-Hero
Module The Villain
Module Snapshots and Sketches
Module Haiku In Prose
Module The Art Of The Eulogy
Module The Impersonal I
Module Abstraction and Image
Module That's A Wrap: Final Lines/Stanzas
Module Crossing the First Threshold and Tests, Allies, and Enemies
Module The Sweet Taste Of Victory
Module Resurrection and Return with the Elixir
Module Putting All The Elements Together
Module Time Is Of The Essence
Module Careful - You're Spilling Too Many Beans!
Module Rewriting Your Journey
Module The Foundation: Meaning, Sense, and Clarity
Module Dealing With Writer's Block
Module Introduction To Children's Stories
Module Fairy And Folklore
Module How To Write A Good Scene
Module Structure And Format Of A Screenplay
Module Starting Off On The Right Note
Module Keeping Your Readers Hooked
Module Finishing Off With A Bang
Module Symbolism And Theme
Module Third Person Serial POV
Module Memoir vs. Memory
Module Jumping Off The Deep End
Module Devil In The Detail
Module Novel: Climax
Module Novel: The Big Why
Module Novel: Character Complexity
Module Novel: POV Distance
Module B2B: Perfecting Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, and Sentences.
Module B2B: Perfecting Parts of Speech
Module Grammar: Punctuation!
Module Grammar: Trouble Spots And Tricky Devils
Module World Building

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The Forgetful Blackboard


Hi there! I am a blackboard in 5B in a school that is a very nice school, CHIREC. I am nailed up behind the teacher’s desk. Now, what should I tell you? Ok, forgive me. I am a very forgetful board. But how can I help it? She keeps rubbing off my memory everyday. I am a very forgetful board. But how can I help it? She keeps rubbing off my memory everyday......

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