How Pastera Owned a Dragon/ Pastera vs. Aarcloia


How Pastera Owned a Dragon

It was 5o’clock in the evening and Pastera was walking out of the meadows.

She glanced at the dragons with her sorrowful face. The dragons gave a sad look at Pastera. But she looked away from the dragons’ realistic tantrum. The sun was setting down into the horizons and the night sky slowly emerged.

Pastera shed a tear. She whimpered “why wouldn’t anybody listen to me?” She thought about the tournament, the dragons, everybody, every creature refusing to listen to her. But all of a sudden, she got an idea. She rushed off to the dragon’s neck and took out her clip. She held the rusted neck cuff and the key. Then she tried turning it in every side possible. With a click, the hand cuff opened wide and dropped down. Pastera held it before it clunked down onto the grass. She whispered to the dragon “you’re free buddy!”

The rest was that she tamed the dragon and bred it into a cake dragon by some potions.

Pastera vs. Aarcloia
Pastera got suited up in her awe –looking metal suit which had scratches all over the body. She had a proud face and a grin on her face. She walked out of the armor room with such pride and confidence that it scared everyone. They looked at her with fear and scampered way out for her. Pastera turned back, waiting for her rival to show up. Just a moment later, Aarcloia showed up with a serious face. Pastera said menacingly “I’m ready for battle, are you?” Aarcloia replied “yes, I am” “then let’s go!” Pastera shouted. At the battlefield, Pastera and Aarcloia stared at each other, indicating they both were ready for fighting. The announcer announced “the battles of the sovereign of Lyria 2019 shall begin!” Pastera held out her necklace that had a fearsome dragon symbol. She chanted “Entracus dragonia!” With a boom, a humongous dragon appeared from nowhere. It roared fiercely in front of Aarcloia. Aarcloia clenched her fist and lightning burned her hands. She put her hand back and punched it in the leg. She shouted “take that, you scary beast!” the dragon screamed in pain and fractured its leg. Now it was really mad. It picked
up Aarcloia by her hair and threw her aside. Pastera held up Aarcloia with her mind and released her down. She said kindly “I wouldn’t hurt you so much. These battles are just for tasting a pinch of pain.” She chanted “Comora dragonia!” and the dragon disappeared. They took out their swords and sword fought, punched and kicked each other. After some time, the battle ended and the two girls had injuries and bruises but still had fun fighting each other.