A Test V.S. My Life


“Okay class, that’s all for today, you can leave. Actually students, hold on! We will be having a multiple assessment of twenty-five marks on 25th august on the human respiratory system, so please do be prepared for that.”
It was a really peaceful day. It was my last class, and the weather was so very pleasant outside- the fluffy clouds were idly floating around in the clear sky. The sun was beaming down fiercely, but that was my favorite kind of weather.
All of a sudden when I heard about the test coming up it was as though a dark wave had washed over the sunlight leaving it permanently night time, and the smile on my face just vanished.
I felt my blood running icy cold, and sweat just started pouring out of my palms.
No way I’m going to miss this test, I thought. Its way too important! Other things can wait for now.

For you, a small, twenty-five mark test could seem no more significant in your busy life than one person in seven billion—almost indistinguishable.

But for me, at that moment, it felt like the end of the world!
It was four in the afternoon, just after lunch. I hadn’t slept well the night before, and so my eyelids felt heavy and droopy, and my mind was going in circles. I couldn’t take in a word of what I was studying for the test.

And I was studying for it even though it was a week away.

I was sitting on my desk, reading, my back hurting, and my palms were red from continuously wiping them on my shirt to get rid of the sweat. Just then my phone rang, and I picked it up to check, sighing with relief to have found a distraction.

It was from my best friend, and it said this-
‘Make sure you come to my birthday on 24th! We’ll have a sleepover!
I’m so excited for you to be there!

Oh no! I thought. How could I have forgotten about her birthday?! It’s the day before my test! I don’t know if I can go...I just wish that I could be as relaxed as other people about studies and tests and all…but I’m not, and I don’t know if I can be.

I was going to text her I can’t come when I heard the crack of the door opening and saw my mom come in with her laptop, and she was browsing online.
“So, for Anaya’s birthday, do you think I should get a scrapbook or an art kit? Oh, honey what happened? Why are you crying?”
“I can’t go to her birthday!”, I said sobbing.
“Why not? I have given you my full permission!” my mom answered. She didn’t know what was the actual reason.
“I-I have this t-test the next day! If I g-go then I will fail because I didn’t s-study!” I blubbered through the tears.

Surprisingly, my mom just laughed, and said that it will be all fine and I should go down.

I hadn’t gone downstairs for days because of studying, and so I decided to take a walk.

When I went down, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I felt a relief as I took in the fresh air, and as the sunlight gleamed on my head and shoulders. But then after a while, I started feeling a little weird. My knees were wobbly, and my vision kept getting blurry. I thought it was because my body was getting used to doing some physical activity after a while.

All that I last remembered was seeing the bright headlight of a car nearly blinding me…

“H-honey? How are you feeling?” I heard my mom say.
I opened my eyes. I was lying down and she was beside me. I turned slowly and, somehow painfully to look at her.
Her eyes were wide and her eyebrows were tightly knotted together, and she looked worried.
I looked around. I saw steel benches, white rods, trays and trays filled with medical tape, scissors, cotton, gauze, and bottles of medicine I didn’t care about. There were big, bold red plus signs all around, so I knew clearly by now I was in a hospital room.
To my left, a nurse was standing with a clipboard looking at me with steely eyes, and a cool yet stern expression.
I put up my arm and my eyes widened. My arm was all bruised, and when I slowly got up, I saw that one of my legs had a large roll of gauze wrapped around it, and the other was all swollen.

“Mom, wh-what happened?” I asked, confused and scared.

“You were in an accident, a car bumped into you on the road. Luckily I heard the commotion and came down fast and some people called the ambulance.”, she explained.

My mind couldn’t think; it was too tired to think, for once.

“W-will I be okay?”, I asked.
I didn’t know what else to say;it was the first time something like this ever happened.

“Well, the doctors think all the bruises and wounds will heal on their own, that’s not an issue. But they think you might have a fracture in your left ankle, from when your foot almost got rolled under the car’s heavy tire.

“They will have to put on a plaster. And the big gash in your other leg will take some monitoring, you will have to stay in the hospital for two weeks, I’m sorry you will be missing Anaya’s birthday. You don’t deserve this honey, I’m so sorry this happened to you, but I guess sometimes, you can’t avoid what destiny has in store for you.”
I realized that this meant I would be missing my test, but it didn’t feel like that big of a block in my life anymore. This accident that I faced really put things into perspective. A test is so very minute against a life-threatening injury!
I never really thought we could learn things from our destinies, and what is in store for us. I realized that not everything can be controlled, and what is meant to happen, will happen, no matter how hard you try to prevent it.

And there is always a reason behind that event occurring in your life.