The Story of Chewy


Part One


I was just sitting there, happy to finally know who or what I was.


It all started three years ago, when I was new to where I was. There were many others who looked like me. But, I was different in some way. I was smaller. But, something else seemed funny. I just couldn't figure it out.


One day, I was just sitting wondering what was so different, when suddenly, this pink, round and hard thing came next to me. We talked for some time and became friends. She said her name was Candy. We were just starting to really get along when suddenly the others, who looked like me, started crushing my new friend!!! She screamed and screamed and then went down a long dark thin tunnel and died. I was so sad. Unfortunately, this continued for many days. I realised why I felt like I did not belong here. The others were heartless creatures who only cared about themselves. They would tell me that I was one of them, but I knew that was not true! I just knew I wasn't one of them and didn't want to be here.

Part Two


I think I've come up with a strategy to solve this problem. I was just going to try to stop worrying about not belonging here and try to be happy instead. I mean, it was not really my choice to be stay here or not, right? I still dint really like them crushing all my new friends, but I couldn't just walk out of there, could I? I tried to leave, but this gooey disgusting pink thing just held me hostage. I just couldn't move. So I didn't really have a choice. Since I was stuck there, I might as well make the best out of my situation.


But of course, my luck seemed to have run out again. You will not believe what happened to me!


One day, when I was taking a doze, I heard an extremely loud sound. I was so scared. But, surprisingly the others all looked PREPARED for this. They were all looking at me calmly. Why, why WHYYYYY???? I looked up and saw a horrible horrible monster with the loud sound coming right at me, and the others were just looking at me, smiling, giving me a thumbs-up sign, and whispering "Good luck!"


The monster came closer and closer, the sound got louder and louder, and then an earthquake started! Everything started shaking around me and I didn't know what was happening. The earthquake became really rough... and that's when I fainted. I just collapsed.


Part Three


I woke up and all my friends surrounded me. I recognised everyone who looked like me and realised they were my friends. I remembered everything that had happened before the earthquake. And guess what? I remembered who I was!!!!! All my friends explained to me I had had a disease called amnesia, it causes forgetting or short term memory loss. And that the shock of the earthquake had brought my memory back.


Now is the time you've all been waiting for.


I was a ...




and you will not believe what the earthquake was...


It was a ROOT CANAL!!!!!!!