About Us


While we’re not fans of birds in general (one of our team members politely described them as “rats with wings”), we have a soft spot for ravens.

“Why?”, you may ask.'; Here's what we think:

The raven is a supernatural messenger and storyteller. Although most people consider it to be a scary ill-omen, we believe that people need to shake off the shivers and appreciate the magic and mystery that the raven represents. In the past, many beautiful and compelling stories have been written with ravens as the ‘villains,’ and over the years people have become biased against them because of these superstitions. However, we believe that their mysticism is inspiring, not frightening.

We chose this name for our community of writers because in our journeys as storytellers, we mustn’t be afraid to confront the uncomfortable and we must never assume that our limited perspectives are absolute truths. Standing up to the monsters in our closets is what makes us good and honest writers. By exploring different ideas, cultures, and ways of living, we can learn about things that are very much different from ourselves.

At The Wandering Raven, we want to encourage you to look at things differently. Don’t be afraid of the things that make you uncomfortable. Use books and, if you can, travel the world to see and make sense of other people’s truths. Explore the world through culture, language, and your words, and have fun doing it.