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Theme: Reliefs
Extended Deadline: 31st May, 2018

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The Forgetful Blackboard by Sragvi P.

Hi there! I am a blackboard in 5B in...

In The End by Havisha M.

She was in too deep, and way too far...

Good Bye by Thej Mallu

He left us tonight. No he left me. He...

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Mayank Mathur

Marketing and Recruiting Boss
We've worked hard to build you this platform to showcase your writing skills and let your imagination loose. We hope you enjoy your time here at The Wandering Raven!
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Trishanya Raju

Boss Boss
I believe that this website is a great opportunity to learn how to express yourself through your writing. Join our community today!
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Niveda Sah

Design and Art Boss
The Wandering Raven is an incredibly open and welcoming community that allows you to express yourself in a safe space. We all have stories we want to tell, and we believe that this is the best place to do it.